About the Theater

The Holly Theater was built in the early 1900s and has been operating for decades. Generations of Holly area residents have enjoyed movies of their time being projected in the one screen facility.

In 1980, the theater was a gift to the Town of Holly by the late Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ellis and their son Trent. The Town of Holly operated the movie house with paid personnel, but this arrangement proved costly, and the theater ran into fiancial distress and was eventually closed by the town council. In 1990, in a gallant effort to save our small town theater, the Holly Pride Committee stepped in with their proposal to the town council. This proposal included some remodeling of the lobby and restrooms, major cleaning, painting, and repairs. Most of this work was done by local volunteers. The Holly Pride Committee then leased the building for $1 per year from the Town of Holly and has been running it successfully ever since.

In the early 2000s, the facility went through another major renovation. The goal at this time was to provide a safer and more attractive facility that was also more accessible to members of the community. These improvements included a new sound system, making needed cosmetic repairs, and making the facility A.D.A compliant.

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